Rum Creek Specialty Hunt

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Week of October 5th, My son is out of school for Fall Break and we are headed down. Anyone else on here going to be there. We are planning to get down Saturday 3rd and do some scouting and will be camping. This will be our first time on this WMA. we live about 2 hrs away.
I've not hunted there in 5 years, but it's a nice place. Expect to hear noise from coal deliveries to Plant Scherer - no smells or soot, though.
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Got my off Grid camper ready today. Just need to load the ice chest food before we leave.
Going to shoot the guns tomorrow to make sure they are still on.

Looking forward to the trip with my son.
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Son got a young buck off Rum, He was pleased,
There were 6 other folks camping near us and four had been numerous times.
When we left my son had the only harvest. We seen several does but let them go after he had the buck.

The most sign and acorns we saw were at sawtooth oaks. I figure those will be gone by now.

Saw few to none White oak acorns??

Same is true where I live in NW GA?