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Anybody know of any good RV parks to take an eleven year old grandson camping and fishing? Looking for one fairly close to Athens. Thanks
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We've been to all close around here, Russell, Broad River, Elijah. You are right about the state parks being quality parks. We liked them all. Figured that there might be some private lakes close by. He just wants to get his hook wet and catch a fish or two. Thanks


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Moccasion Creek Campground on Lake Burton. The Creek in the campground is just for 12 and under and 65 and over & physically challenged children.
Also the fish hatchery is right next door, Wildcat Creek is just a short drive and the Upper Talullah isn't too far away.
The hatchery has some small ponds for kids too I think.
Moccasin Creek State Park

I applaud KDARSEY on his suggestion.
If you want to know the secret to catching those hatchery trout at the youth only stream, send me a PM.
There is also a great "safe" sliding rock at Wild Cat Creek, that I swear 11 year old son wore a groove in with his butt.

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Moccasin creek I took the family there last summer and I haven't heard nothing but when are we going back.We all had a time on sliding rock and get a few crickets and walk up stream from the sliding rock and you can catch ALL the trout you can keep my boys LOVED it.