Ryobi one tool rack….

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Been thinking of doing this for a little while now, and today was the day!
Saw an example of this on YouTube, so I dug into my scrap wood pile…(yeah that one in the garage that the wifey always complains about and wonders why I hold onto “scraps”) and got to work.
Initial plans was to build it to be undermounted to some cabinets, but made some in the moment adjustments to incorporate a shelf for the chargers and battery storage.
Now I just have to find a spot to mount it so I can go from this:

to this:
9B526237-D12A-4485-B864-5011CD72283C.jpeg 69B79BCC-2165-40EF-894F-44AB8C3B1C28.jpeg


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I like it. My system includes an incentive to buy more tools. When I put a battery powered tool up I frequently can't find it again before the battery is toast and I have to buy a whole new tool because the technology has left the old one in the dust.
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Thanks guys! I’m happy with how it came out

Found a temporary home for it in the garage until I enclose a portion of a metal carport I had built to get all my woodworking tools out of the garage!
will place a 4 ft power strip above it to plug the chargers into.
They make a 6 battery charging station, but I already have these and they work so why pay the $$$. I have two additional ones that will stay in the garage for my drills and such.

When I move it, I’ll build a separate unit to hold the other tools that won’t slide into these slots like the circular saw, sawzall router, planer, etc.