S.Ga. bear guide from N.Ga. perspective

great info thank you now i will have an idea what i'm looking for b/c this is gonna be my first time bear hunting


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I was reading up on bear hunting and ran across this.

All I can say is WOW !! Lance you are the man !!

I have never seen a better, more informative explanation of what to look for in bear scouting, or any other scouting for that matter.

Thanks for posting this................ this is what Woody's is all about. :clap::clap::clap:

I would be glad to make this a sticky thread if yall would like ??
This is a great post and I think it would make a great sticky. I've been reading on here and other places now for almost 2 seasons and I think I learned more from that video than I have over that time. Just something about seeing it as it's explained.
Really good stuff!!!
Like the man said,"This is what Woody's is all about, sportsmen helping sportsmen." I wish someone would do a video like this on deer sign and hog sign so we could learn the difference when we see it in the woods. Would be a great service to the younger folks and I could use it in my Hunter Education Class. That way every young person who goes thru the class could get some Practical Knowledge about hunting and scouting when going thru the class. Thanks Lance I know this video is a couple of years old but its just as good as the day you made it!!!!
Bear sign video

I have been hiking all over several wmas and national forest trying to get my first bear. I've seen a few and found some sign but I really want to watch this video. I couldn't get the video to pull up... Any chance I can find it on YouTube or have you send it to me?

This is some great information. I would love to watch the video, but it will not load for me. Is there any chance it is on YouTube or is there another link for it?

Can anybody help me find a way to watch this video?

The link doesn’t work and the video is not embedded. Would really appreciate any help.
I think the video is gone. If I read the link right it's from one of those old file/image/video sharing sites. From the old pre YouTube days. Stuff didn't stay there permanently like it does on YouTube. They were always purging old accts to free up server space.