Same Broadhead Different Doe

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After harvesting a doe last weekend I decided to take the Broadhead I used to harvest her out one more time and wouldn’t ya know it brought a little luck. Went and looked at a spot I scoured in the summer and soon realized the wind just wasn’t going to cut it. I decided to move to a group of white oaks we have sat over previous years that never fails to bring out the deer. I settle in the tree around 5:40 and 10min later 2 does come by, with bow in hand and eyes on the prize I was given a quartering away 10 yard shot. I draw as soon as she steps behind a tree and settle in she stops and I let it fly. The shot was perfect, she traveled about 100 yards before expiring and giving me my second harvest of the season. Good luck to all y’all out there and remember if arrows ain’t flying ain’t nothing dying.

TradTech Titan DAS ILF Longbow limbs 45#
GoldTip 3555 175g Zwickey Delta