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Mark R

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I am looking for something for a beginner . I see this bow all over the place . cheap with good reviews . Does anyone have one or experience with one ? Cant trust those sponsored reviews


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There great shooting bows just get a new string for it the one that comes with it is much worse than junk!. Get a 10 strand D97 string and you will like it.


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I got my grandson a Sage a couple of years ago. His is a good shooting bow. I think you will be happy with one. A beginner should start out with a low poundage bow (35-45 lbs depending on age and strength) and shoot that until he/she develops good form and muscle strength. Then buy heavier limbs if desired.


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Mines been great. I bought one for a buddy a couple years ago too as a Christmas gift and he loves it. I actually haven't killed anything with it yet but that should change this year. Both are great shooters and do everything a much more expensive bow will do. Changing the string is a great idea.
I will be starting my 3rd season using a 55lb sammich sage. I have no complaints with it. Killed 4 deer with it so far. Been curious to try a longbow as I hear they may be a little more forgiving. I'm still very much a newbie though so i would really pay attention to what the seasoned archers on this forum have to say.


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I got one for Christmas last year. Lots of fun. The elephants better watch out come September 8, I plan on scaring one if it gets close enough. 😎

Love mine, I give it 2 👍.