Sandy hook parents sue Alex jones for defamation


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Wasn't there about three deaths in the past two weeks or so of people in this story??? One was a doctor that treated victims (suicide I think) other two I can't remember.

On a side note, one "tin foil" angle said they are dead but they didn't die from/at SH.
Surely...there are people out there,with the time and unravel this way,or the other? Put the puzzle together,if you will. Me,I hope it was a hoax..and that those innocent people didn’t really perish at the hands of a drugged up loser,due to weak school security.


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If they hadn’t come right after MY guns and liberty after it happened then MAYBE I’d have some sympathy. But the fact that they want ME to give up my rights for something I had absolutely nothing to do with, well then you can shove my sympathy up your nose. When you start suing people for freedom of speech because you don’t agree with it then you also deserve to be slapped upside the head. I hope those parents all burn.
The Govt. planted a chip in you when you were born. Extra Terrestrial tech. Better find it and dig it out. I did.
No need. They can pinpoint + listen in to most of us via our handy dandy cell fone nowadays. Have OnStar,or a similar system...? Facebook? The chips are a redundancy...🇺🇸