Sapelo Island

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Mark R

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Anyone got a map for sapelo that has the numbered hunting areas ? (not from photobucket )
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I know you asked for a map, and no I don’t have one. If you are looking for something in particular I might can get you close to the number. Anyway thought I would try, I will ask around and see if some of my buddies have one.
Try to get Chocolate Plantation (sorry, I don't know the area number). It always seems to be productive. It has a fairly open field with the ruins of slave quarters and (believe it or not) a mail-order Sears Roebuck house from the early 1900's.
I have seen the pictures of the zone maps you mention. I tried to take better ones while I was there with my son last year but the plexiglass cover made it difficult. My pictures were worse than the photobucket pics. The pictures you see in photobucket and the WMA maps on the DNR websites can be pulled up side by side to get a good idea of where the hunting zones are located.