Scams on the classifieds page

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Who do we report scamming to on the classified section of the website? There have been a couple of things on there that have obviously been a scam as proved by the response you get from them when inquiring.

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Okay...thanks! I got the same response from the same person on 2 different trucks in the classifieds. It's most assuredly a scam since they want you to send the funds to an Ebay account and then arrange for delivery...LOL

Word for word the same response on each one....:)


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Click on report in bottom left corner or pm an administrator.
The Classifieds are managed by GON Magazine. The Woody's Campfire Forum is managed separately from the GON Magazine and the Classifieds. We can not help you with issues in the Classifieds.

The rules for the Classifieds call for problems be brought to the attention of GON Magazine. Selecting help at the top of the page will bring up the contact information.