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I pulled these stories off another board. I did not come up with these stories so I don't know any more details than what is written here. All I did was cut and paste. Might make me look over my shoulder more than usual. ::gone: For those of you going out into the woods early in the morning this weekend, be careful when you hear the leaves rustling. You never know what is lurking out there. :hair:

The weirdest thing I heard about tho was a guy I know that was sitting in his treestand one afternoon about 10 years ago watching 2 groups of deer in a small field in front of him.

These deer were 40 or so yards apart and 50 yards in front of him. The field was only about 80 yards across then the woods started again. Anyway, these two groups of deer suddenly snapped up their heads and looked across the field into the woods. My friend saw nothing and watched as these deer started turning their heads as if following something that had walked out of the woods and right between them heading in my friends direction.

My buddy said he didn't see anything as the deer kept looking and following it with their gaze as if they were actually seeing something cross the field between them. Frank also said the hairs on the back of his neck were standing straight up and he smelled something terrible, like rotten meat.

Then he heard it. Crunching leaves as footsteps walked into the woods right in front of him and continued walking right under the tree he was sitting in. He kept hearing the footsteps and a weird sort of whispering until it got farther away and eventually faded from earshot. He looked back to the field, the deer were feeding again as if nothing had happened.

My friend climbed down and backtracked the imprints/disturbed leaves 10 yards to the field edge where whatever it was had walked in. There, in the soft mud at the fields edge, he found bare human footprints that were facing backwards !!
He left right then and there with his stand still in the tree and never hunted that woods again.

True story folks. He won't even talk about it.

Here is the second story.

First of all, I want to say hello to you all. I'm an ex-LEO, father of 4 and have been a hunter most of my life. I no longer go into the woods, but do fish on the lake in my spare time.
I've been a lurker for quite awhile and have never posted before now. I very much enjoy reading the great stuff here. After seeing these writing about strange goingson in the forests, I felt compelled to reply.
After reading what I have to say, you'll see why.

I don't know Mr. Thunderhead or his friend.
But, what he says is true. I have seen this myself, twice.

Both times were in the same woods. I thought I was crazy the first time and seeing things, and talked myself into dismissing it to my overactive imagination.
I was wrong and paid dearly.
I refuse to talk about that part and am only telling this so others will heed the warnings about the dark.

The second time I was alone in my shack long before daylight opening morning, exactly one year to the day after my first encounter.
As I poured a cup of coffee, I heard footsteps in the leaves, hit my light and like before, could see nothing.
My blood ran cold.
I knew it was happening again as soon as I heard the whisperings as it drew closer.
I shut my eyes as tight as I could, this time the footsteps didn't keep going, but stopped at the window to my shack. The stench of rotting meat was sickening.
All I'm going to say is that when I opened my eyes what stood outside my shack glaring at me thru the window was something straight out of **** itself.
That's all I'm going to say.
I've never steeped foot inside a woods again and never will.


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hmmm........that was bigfoot after he took his nuclear mud bath...... :hair:
Where is this place that you hunted...? Like to check that out. Problably alot of deer around there. I'll bring my garlic...


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LJay said:
Told ya'll about ol' Bigfoot, Swampdemon, Black Panthers. All that stuff is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with you, brother! They're all out there!


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Yivin said:
Where is this place that you hunted...? Like to check that out. Problably alot of deer around there. I'll bring my garlic...
that wont work with bigfoot....... :hair:


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OK everybody pack up all your firepower, We're going to Quailchasers and end this terrorizing for ever. :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :smash: :smash: :smash:
Whats up with the smell?

Ive been in the woods before in Hancock where my land is and just at dark on a few occasions have smelt this same smell of rotting meat, not a deer or hog, but rank foul flesh blowing to me from upwind of my stand location. I just dismiss it as an animal dead close by but there are quite a few graveyards around there and some unmarked graves on our property in the middle of the woods, weird. The old sharecroppers cabin that one of our buddies stays was home to a man and woman and the man died suddenly and it was said by my grandad that his wife was left there all alone and as a young man he heard of her wandering out into the woods at night and moaning and crying for her husband. Now with the theme of this thread, if I was to hear that pre dawn or coming out of the stand after dark or smell that rotten flesh smell again Ill be running down Hwy 22! :hair: :hair: :hair: :hair: :hair:


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Let's see, 20+ years in the military as 11 Bush, walked through everything imaginable including Jungle, Swamps, Deep forrests, and on 3 different Continents. If there is any type of creature i.e. Bigfoot, Swampmonster, or anything else for that matter it sure has one heck of a hiding spot. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Thanks quailchaser, now youve got a bunch of us" real men "hunters wetting our longjohns when we go in the woods next time LOL!