Hmmmmm ........... just reading this has the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

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Yivin said:
Where is this place that you hunted...? Like to check that out. Problably alot of deer around there. I'll bring my garlic...
I don't know where this all happened. I found these stories on another message board and thought they were interesting.
The garlic is not a bad idea. It will go good in the spaghetti sauce at camp. :rofl:
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Thanks quailchaser, now youve got a bunch of us" real men "hunters wetting our longjohns when we go in the woods next time LOL!
When I read these stories my first thought was to not go in the woods again. Then I thought "NO WAY!" I enjoy hunting to much to let something like this scare me away, but it sure will make me wonder whenever I hear any noises in the woods. :eek:
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Another story...

I got this from the same site as the other two stories. :hair: :hair: :hair:

Four years ago i was walking back to camp after deer hunting one evening. I was walking on a long, narrow old dirt road and the trees had formed a canopy over the road. That scene got my heart beating just from being creepy looking, but that was nothing compared to 5 minutes after that. As I walked down this road I thought I heard foot steps in the leaves about 30 or 40 feet into the woods. The sun had recently gone down, but the tree canopy made it even darker so I could not see very far. The steps seemed like they were keeping stride with me, so I brushed it off as an echo to start with. After a minute or so, I knew it was not an echo. I started trying to catch it taking an extra step by walking a few steps and then stopping suddenly. Everytime I stopped, the footsteps stopped. By this time I am really getting nervous and short tempered. I stepped up my pace and was walking along at a steady rate. Then, in the middle of a stride, I stopped my foot about 1 inch before it touched the ground. CRUNCH! What ever was walking beside me finished it's step and crunched the leaves. I was so scared I was almost numb and started feeling sick. It was dead silent for about 5 seconds with neither of us moving. Then, all of a sudden, the footsteps started coming towards me. I new it was not a small animal, because besides the leaf crunching there was a definite light thud with every step. Like when you run in hiking boots. I shouted at whatever it was to identify itself or I would shoot. As I was shouting I was reaching for a gun. "Where did I put my rifle???" "Please God, hel....pistol!" I guess I was too terrified to think straight. "where is my d***n Pistol?". I finally found it in it's holster on my belt. Mind you all of these thougts are happening in miliseconds. (turned out my rifle was on my shoulder...ha...that is 9 kinds of scared when you can't find your rifle on your shoulder, I'm here to tell you.). Thankfully I finally found my Sig on my hip. I pulled that 45 so hard that I ripped the hammer snap clean off the holster. I emptied 2 magazines of .45, and then remembered my shouldered 30-06. I pulled the rifle around and started bolting rounds as fast as I could squeeze the trigger. After emptying the 4 round magazine, I pulled a fresh magazine out of my pocket and bolted a new round. About this time I have my wits about me and remember my 500,000 spot light that is in my back pack. I pulled my hunting knife and cut the back pack open down the side instead of taking the time to untie the wonderful knot I had put in leather tie straps before leaving my blind. Found the spot light and lit up the woods. NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I stood there dumb founded. I could not believe that there was nothing there. When I started firing into the woods, the foot steps were 10 feet from me, and still coming my direction! I walked to the edge of the woods and discovered that I was not crazy. There were human size footsteps in the leaves running parallel to the road I had been walking. Sure enough, they turned and started coming straight towards the road I was standing on. But then they just stopped. I mean plumb somebody had taken flight and just disappeared into the sky. Before that night I had never been scared to be in the woods alone. I consider myself to be a man who can hold his own in the worse of situations. I have braved odds before that would make many men buckle. But that night I was scared. I mean "want your mommy" scared. Before that night I had cried 2 other times in my life. That night was number 3. I never went back into the woods on that property without a buddy. Say what you will about me taking a buddy with me, but you weren't there.
After reading the stories from those links at the beginning of this thread, I can't help but to wonder if I met with the same creature that night. I don't remember smellng rotten meat, but the wind was to my back when I was looking into the woods. I remember that because I dang near strained my neck two times from whipping around after being hit in the head with leaves blowing off of the trees behind me. What really creeps me out is that I heard the whispers. Until tonight I thought that weird noise was just the wind whistling through the trees. It was very distinct whispering, but at the same time sounded distant and muffled. I should not have ignored that sound, because I KNEW deep down inside that was not the wind. I could not reproduce the sound if I tried. I am not someone with a vivid imagination so I guess that's why I did not think twice about the sound until now. At the time it just made sense to assume it was the wind, because the wind was blowing lightly and I was in the woods. Normal stuff ...usually. I am greatful I did not know what was making that sound at the time, because I would have had to add wet pants to my admmition of tears. Guy's, I actually screamed 'Help Me', to God, as I was squeezing the first round off from my Sig. As I was firing that pistol, I promised God that if he would help me live through that night that I would not miss church any more on Sundays to go hunting. That lasted 2 weeks. I think he understands.


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Now that's a scary story.

This tough guy emptied 2 mags of 45 and 4 rounds of 30-06 into the dark words at an unknown target. I'd hate to share a lease with this guy!!!!

That sounds like a Nam flashback if I've ever heard one.

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And here is another one to get you all pumped up for going out into those dark woods this weekend. :D

I met a Native American when I was a child and he told me a very similar story. Something about having trouble seeing them. It scared me then I'd have to admit.

There are many definitions, almost as many as there were Native Tribes before the Europeans came to this continent. Most of Tribes knew of a creature they called "Windigo." But a few of the Tribes (mainly in this part of Canada) also feared another creature called the "Wendigo." Both of these creatures can be found in Native American mythology. But while Windigo is an actual animal, Wendigo is an animal spirit. The following is a transcription of one of the most comprehensive explanations of The Wendigo: WENDIGO, THE SPIRIT OF THE LONELY PLACES Every man who ventures alone into the wilderness should fear the spirit of the lonely places, known as Wendigo in northern Canada and by different names in other parts of the world. The cunning of Wendigo is that it knows how to keep out of your sight. As you travel, it is always behind your back. No matter how quickly you may turn, it moves faster. As you tramp through bush or forest, hills or desert, with no other company but your thoughts, you become slowly aware that Wendigo follows you. You may struggle against the temptation to swing around, but at last you turn and there is nothing. But you know that Wendigo has dodged behind you again, and you move quickly to surprise it. Again nothing, except perhaps the slightest movement of a bush. A breeze, or an animal, or Wendigo? You gaze everywhere around you, but there is nothing ... or so it seems. Wendigo torments some men until they empty their rifles blindly into the bush, screaming defiant challenges. But when the shots and cries have died away the silence settles again. The traveller plods on, and Wendigo follows. At night, it hovers outside the circle of the campfire. At dawn, it retreats in to the forest mist. As the days pass, Wendigo speaks to the traveller in little sighing whispers: words which he is not quite able to distinguish. Sometimes they sound like the voice of a friend, so that he shouts an amazed reply. Vainly he assures himself it is only the wind. He may even glimpse Wendigo, as a shadow moving between the trees or grass bending beneath invisible feet. At last the traveller runs before Wendigo, casting aside weapons, provisions, and all other gear that might hamper his flight. Sobbing desperately he runs until the end of his strength, and falls exhausted and alone. The wilderness silence settles around the body, although the treetops sway as though a wind had passed through them. Wendigo has gone, but will always return."


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Ta-ton-ka chips said:
Could you have waited til Monday to post those!

Man, I'm huntin alone this weekend, well I guess me an ol Wendigo! :hair:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Let us know how you make out, won't you?
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Ta-ton-ka chips said:
Could you have waited til Monday to post those!

Man, I'm huntin alone this weekend, well I guess me an ol Wendigo! :hair:
If we don't hear from you by 9 PM Sunday, where should we send the search party. ::ke: :rofl:
Do a google search on "wendigo" and "windigo" pulls up some pretty interesting stuff. Ive been readin off and on all day and theres some documented facts behind it all that bring up it being a mental state or sickness then leads to a person changing in some ways, pretty freaky stuff.

some places I found:
I have had some creepy experiences in the woods but man these guys are truly freaked out. I have on one trip alone drew my glock on some unknown noise that seemed to be following me. I think it was all in my head. I was not creeped out at all by anything. Then the hair on my neck stood up and it sounded like something coming right at me. I drew my glock and waited but nothing ever came out of the woods and the sound stopped. I have jumped deer laying down at night and have had turkeys roosted in lower trees take off that have made me jump out of my skin but have never seen anything wierd out in the deer woods. Those of you to scared to hunt your own property let me know I will take car of the phantom deer for you. :rofl: :rofl:
I have had a couple of scary situations while in the woods, but nothing I would attribute to supernatural phenomenon. And I can't say I would unload my gun at an unknown target. :crazy:

The one guy stated that he actually saw something but would not elaborate. It makes no since to me. Why not give a description? With all these occurrences without any physical harm done to anyone, I don't think anyone should be scared. If harm were going to be done I am sure it would have happened already. :huh:

Have you ever seen the original movie, American Werewolf in London. This story makes me think about the scene where the guy is walking through the woods after being attacked. He was bloody and had flesh hanging from his body and some missing. I attached a picture to refresh some memories. ;)

I think these stories should be widedly distributed to hunters and landowners. We can tell the landowners how scary it is in the woods and that we may just give up deer hunting and the leases. Maybe this will lower the stock on land and we can get lower rates. Maybe we can create a pricegouger demon that vows to haunt landowners with outlandish lease prices, too. Just a thought! What do you all think? :cheers:



The other day, I saw a werewolf drinkin a pina colada at Trader Vics'.

His hair was perfect.

AAAAAhoooooo, Werewolves of London.


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If you really want his attention

Walk as softly and quietly as you can (I beleive he sees this as a challenge)and you will hear the whispers and very faint footsteps. In Missouri I found out that He's not much better than me in standing corn.


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Anybody heard from Tatonka Chips this morning? Just want to be sure he and ol Windego didn't meet up this weekend.
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