Schooling Spotted & Striped Bass(video)

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Had a good morning today. Got into some schooling action early that had both spotted bass and striped bass. Caught several more later that day, but needless to say this was the most exciting time of the trip. Hoping to get into more schoolers this week.

Lanier Jim

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Ain't it fun :)
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There was some nice spots in there! Awesome video. I have all the stuff to do this with I just HATE editing video. Good work.
Yeah I was surprised at the quality of spots in that schoo. Yeah editing can be time consuming depending on what you are trying to do with the raw footage. Kinda a hobby for me.

Yes it is!!! :fine::yeah:


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Fella that's some fine looking fish...Ain't nothing like it. Great job buddy!
Looks like a fun time Sterling. Hopefully it just keeps getting better and better through June.