Scored a near mint Winchester 1300 NWTF today!

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I stopped in a local pawn/gun shop this morning to look for a Stevens 301 .410 for a buddy and noticed an unmistakable laminate stock pump gun on the rack. I couldn’t believe how nice it was when he handed it to me, looks like it might have been shot five times. They must have not known what they had because it was very reasonably priced and I’ve wanted one for years so I snatched it up.



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Nice....congrats on the find. Never know what you might find in a pawn/gun shop.

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That will serve y'all very well!!! Good find!
Kilt my 1st turkey with one of 'em in the mid 90's. It was borrowed from a friend. I thought it was the greatest shotgun I'd ever seen. Soon as I got to where I could afford one I got my own. I've kilt a pile of birds with it. Lots of good memories come up everytime I look at it. You got you a winner!
Still carrying one just like it that I bought new. I think it was the late ’80’s. Killed a bunch of turkeys with it.


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Composite 1300 is the first gun I ever bought with my own money. Hardest kicking gun I've ever owned. 3 1/2" magnum loads killed on both ends.


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I think they came out in 1984. I got mine when they came out. Still carry it all the time. I ported it & took 1/2" off the top of the stock. It took a lot of kick out of the mule. I use an Indian Creek Choke & Hevi 13 #7s. Mine is well worn & doesn't look near as good as yours.


I've had mine since I was 14 years old, I'm 43 now, I've killed a pile of gobblers with it, had the barrel machined in the mid 90s to shoot federal premiums. I still carry it on all day mountain hunts because it's so light, it kicks like a mule though. Mine has the sights rather than the bead.