*** Scores From River Bottom Outdoors Hunt Shoot 08-16-20 ***

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We had a Great Time at the RBO Hunt Shoot and had a Great Crowd. We had 71 shooters and some Great Fellowship !! Thanks to all for support in this crazy times and coming to RBO and keeping us going. We look forward to seeing everyone maybe in Dec. for a good winter shoot. We'll see everyone then or in 2021. Scores are below.

RBO 8/16/2020

Hunter Male
LJ Bondy 198
Logan Wilson 198
Mark Keese 194
Ken Wood 194
John Gray 192
Slaton Crider 191
Melvin Atha 190
Dawson Wainwright 184
Fran Kephart 182
Benny Fennell 181
Steve Melton 181
Coleman Wood 181
Keith Morris 180
James Taylor 180
Maximus Broach 172
Patrick Pitzer 165
Cody Smith 163
Collin Strickland 129
Brian Borders 110
Preston Holley
Allyson Holley
Harley Clark
David McSpadden
Roy Lee Reed
Matt West
Drew Pryor

Hunter Female
Alisha Beck 196
Mary Crider 180

Hunter Youth
Ryan Wood 167
Sara Crider 144

Lee Clinton
Blaze Clinton
Mackenzie Mcghee
David Water
Amanda Water
Bryce Water
Pat Sinal
Holly Melton
Phillip West
Lily West
Issac Cosper
Jacob Holcombe
CJ Bradfield
Claire Garrison
Rod Garrison
Narvie Nowlingh
Kirsten Nowling
Teresa Nowling
Ansley Nowling
Jason Land
Colton Land
Blayne Dinning
Jake Dinning
Jerry Presley
Dylan Connally
Derek Knever
Ethan Mansour
Brandon Duffey
Michael Barnes
Katelyn Synoground
Jordan Synoground
Memphis Synoground
Anthony Synoground
Chris Caldwell
Noah Caldwell
Jim Robinson
Tyler Hale
Issac Cosper
Kaden Lopez