Scoring 3 d trad archery

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Ga Waters

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Is there a standard value for the various areas on 3 d targets? I'm new at this and it's probably a dumb question.


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There are a couple of scoring systems to be aware of.

ASA - 12/10/8/5/0 - ASA uses 12 rings and the local club may determine which 12 ring is in play for a particular shoot. There is also a 14 ring that is situated at the top rear of the kill zone.

IBO - 11/10/8/5/0 - IBO used the center of the center, so to speak and it counts as 11.

Our local club modifies the IBO system. We do not count the 11 ring as an 11, it's a 10.

Ethical scoring is fun as well. Anything inside the kill is a 5. Anything outside of the kill but still in the foam is a -3. A miss is still a zero.