Second sit with a 6

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image.jpeg image.jpeg Broke an 0-6 drought from last season on my second HOT sit in September. 12 yards, spined him, he semi circled to my right out to 20 yards, as soon as I had an ally way, I let my 480 grain arrow rip, lung shot and it was over quick! Thankful for God, and my wife dealing with my hobby. Best part was my boy yelling, "Deer! Daddy, yayyyy!"

62" Hoyt 19" Satori Riser, Black Max 2.0 Meds, set at 45#, Zwickey Eskilite 135 gr 2 blade, 100 grain brass insert, GT 500 Hunter, (3) 5" parabolic feathers, 480 gr total, 10.6 gr per pound.
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thanks again, I'm looking forward to seeing your success stories, be safe, good luck out there!