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Ok this is getting old. As nice a morning as this was Istill have not seen anything again. I hunted this morning in an area with a few water oaks dropping and muscadines. This evening I moved to an area that just had muscadines. I walked around this afternoon and there was only one set of tracks in the firebreaks or in the roads. Granted that out of 300 acres probably 100 to 150 is under 2 to 6 feet of water. I figured this would force more deer into a consintrated area but that was not so. How about yall, anybody seeing deer?
Saw 8 total today, including 1 mature doe of about 145 pounds that got entirely too close around 9am. THWACK!!!! Off to the processor!! This was on public land also. Wind blew hard all day but deer were moving with little regard for the high wind. I assume after the heavy rain and wind they thought today was just a gentle breeze.

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Saw two does yesterday and they winded me as I was about to pull back. Went to my other club to check on it and watched a nice 8 pointer paw out a scrape about 30 yards away. A bigger buck stayed just inside the pine thicket. The 8 pt walked about 20 yards from me, but never offered a good broad side shot. I did not feel that it was ethical to shoot it head on with an arrow. It finally got nervous and trotted off with the larger buck I did not know was there till I seen it trotting off. I plan on leaving this area alone till muzzleloader season. Couldn't beleive I saw a mature buck pawing out a scrape this early in the season and also at 10:00 a.m. I have hunted 5 different spots and had deer around me each time, but they always seem to go down wind of me and smell me or something. I have been bathing scent free, keeping my clothes/ boats in rubber containers, scent free detergeant, deoderant, everything. Just a string of bad luck, atleast Im seeing them. I usually have little problem with scent and I watch the wind direction. I will stay at it, and Im sure my luck will change. ;)


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You must not smell

If you could sit and watch one at 20 yds do a scrape it can't be smelly :confused: but then again I smell something bad reading ya story :p I sit at clayton water autt. and watched about 15 deer only come in at 50 to 60 yds one small 6 pointer came in real close put they have 15 in. spread and 4points are better on one side so no meat here :mad: but I had FUN :clap:


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Opening weekend we had a lot of deer sightings at our Heard Cty club and the majority of the deer seen were bucks. This weekend with fewer hunters several deer were still seen including one big buck, though I didn't see a thing this weekend myself either.

BHG, congrats on the doe... :clap:
I finally got up a tree this afternoon. Had a 4 point crunching white oak acorns around my stand from 6:05 until he fed out of sight around 7:00. Man we have acorns all over the ground and they are still falling at a pretty good clip :clap:


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I watched two doe feed on acorns just out of bow range this morning at 7:15. Saw nothing for the rest of the day then got snorted at on the way down the tree after dark. Man, bow hunting is tough. -JerryC
Seriously, I've seen a LOT of tracks lately but didn't see anything on my first hunt this evening. A week and a half ago I planted wheat, oats and some leftover soybeans under my stands near the house and the little plots have hoof prints all in 'em.Tomorrow WILL be the day!