"Self-filling" trough feeder?

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We want to feed some type of deer feed this spring and summer, not sure which brand yet, but I want to build a trough style feeder with a 55 gallon drum set to fill it on a regular basis...Lease is 3 hrs away and I dont want the hogs to eat it all up the first week. Anyone built anything like this?
Obtain 50 gal drum with removable lid.
Make a 4" hole in bottom of Drum.
Attach 6" PVC pipe centered over hole with a thru bolted flange.

Position drum above trough so that the end of the pipe is 4" below the top of the trough and 6" above the "floor".

Feed should gravity feed into the trough when the level of the feed in the trough falls below the bottom of the pipe.

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Jim Boyd

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Very easy to fabricate.

Google and see many options.

Good luck.