Seminole/Grady/Early County CWD Samples


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I work for the GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division and we are needing CWD samples from Grady/Seminole/Early counties. The number of deer processors are limited in these areas so if anybody kills any deer that are 2.5 years old or older we would definitely appreciate it if you let us pull a CWD sample. All we have to do is cut into the back of the deers neck and remove the lymph nodes and send them in for testing. If it's a buck and you'd like to keep the antlers you can cut them off and take them with you all we need is the head. Does are worth 1.5 points and mature bucks are worth 3 points and we have a certain number in each county we have to reach so any help would be greatly appreciated! Shoot me a message if you get one or need anymore info 229-942-3832

Thanks Colton


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Could just the lymph nodes be harvested by the hunter and submitted in any way?

That is how I did it in an active CWD surveillance area in MI this year.

In years past, they wanted just the head with antlers if any were present, the head with or without antlers, and then just the nodes.


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