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I was down to Braselton to see my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren a weekend back, and while sitting at the kitchen table with PawPaw’s baby girl, and receiving a refresher coarse on all of the Disney Princess’ …… she says “PawPaw will you take me to go look for rocks “ ………

What I THOUGHT was “ kid you have got to be kidding me it 96 degrees with a heat index of 8 million degrees and 9000 percent humidity outside “…………🥵🥵

What I SAID was “ … yes baby girl PawPaw will take you to look for rocks “……🙄

We walked to the back of my sons property where the ditch next to the road frequently overflows and washes out into a small wet weather washout on my sons property. While I was looking close to the road I had her looking about 20 feet away. She is only 3 so I had her bring me her all her rocks. I told her that she would have either “throwing rocks “ ( which she could throw away) , or Ava Rocks “ which we should keep so her PawPaw could look at them.

After about 20 minutes of her regularly bringing me gravel that had washed out from the nearby road which upon me telling her she that those were “ throwing rocks “ which she quickly launched into a nearby honeysuckle thicket she extended her little hand and said. “ PawPaw can I throw this one?? “. ( Is it wrong that I was proud of how well my 3 year old princess could throw??🤔🤔😂😂). I quickly covered her little hand with mine and said “ no baby girl we need to look at this one I think it’s an Ava Rock “ . I may never know how close her recent find came to being launched into the honeysuckle and being lost for another 1000 years?? 😲😲

We went back to the house because I was melting🥵, and I wanted to show her grandmother. After taking a picture I told her mother to hold onto this for her. I explained that the point her daughter found could easily be a couple thousand years old. ( which my daughter in law seemed shocked 😲) … View attachment 1102604 I told her that based on a quick internet search and the books that NC Hillbilly and Nicodemus has told me to buy this might be an “ Adena” .
View attachment 1102622

I told my baby girl that PawPaw was going to ask his “GON peeps “ what kind of rock Miss Ava had found? I look forward to the evaluation of the GON experts ……

I know two things for certain ……… God has blessed me beyond measure, and I have the CUTEST rock hunting buddy EVER 😊😊❤️……… View attachment 1102607 View attachment 1102623

After all this I took her to a outside restaurant in Braselton ……… despite the heat she decided to challenge her PawPaw to a wrestling match 🥵 View attachment 1102611 View attachment 1102624 Thanks in advance for all your help gentlemen ……… Tentwing
What a doll !!!! Congratulations!!!!