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2018 we had a giant 8pt on cam but could never close the deal. Fast forward to 2019 and he shows back up just as big, and as luck would,have it my buddy was able to connect on him mid Nov. Now on to 2020 feb early season prep work. We went to the same area he was able to take him and my buddy who killed him had pulled up to a small pond with his sxs maybe 75yds from the actual spot where he killed the deer and he looks down and boom theres the right side shed from the previous yr. This past wknd i went up and tried to kill some pigs and was in the same area and literally not even 15yds from where the buck fell and maybe 40-50yds from where the other shed was found I spotted the left side layin there. Now we have his antlers from the past 2yrs. Ive never found a match set let alone a shed of a deer I or anyone I hunted with was able to put on the ground. I feel like I/ we won the lotto. I mean I never expected this to happen, we were just excited he was able to take him last fall. Being a true 140" 8pt makes it all the better, the yr prior he was 143" with the same width IMG_5819.jpg Message_1584813835790.jpg 0323200755.jpg 0323200756d_HDR.jpg IMG_5063.jpg


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I found one side of my biggest deer a couple if months after the close of the season. It was several hundred yards from where I killed him, but right under a tree I climbed regularly. It was a virtual match to what he was wearing his last day on earth.
My buddy has two lefts and I have the right. But neither of us closed the deal.
He was literally two steps ahead of us for many years. His nose was perfect.
He was where we weren’t.
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We think 5.5 or 6.5.... We just got the land 2yrs ago n he was the 1st big buck we had on cam. So there was no history with him to really know. He was 187# on nov 16th n was run down a good bit