Sheepshead tomorrow anyone?

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Hope you found some folks to go. If I was 3 to 4 hours closer I'd been waiting at the launch with bells on + hot biscuits and coffee. May have to move closer to the coast some day.


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Mighty fine of you….Sure wish I was closer…I’d take you up on most of these invites and not hesitate to pitch in much more than your requests!
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I am sure that I will have many more opportunities to fish with some of you guys. I go often and have a lot of cancellations due to my weekday fishing schedule. I hope the seas calm next week. I plan to go every week day that the seas are fishable between now and mid-April. I plan to go Monday the 14th if anyone is interested. It looks like the seas will be calming by then and I haven't asked anyone to go yet. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
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Seanote , im in Richmond Hill and would love to make a couple of those trips with you. 912-508-1512 if you have a spot. My name is David. Pls leave message if you get my voicemail