Shot my First Loads today.


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Nothing blew up, showed any signs of pressure or error and the chronograph is still in one piece so that’s a plus. ? I know most folks could do better. ? Now that we have that out of the way…..Here are the results. If someone sees an error in my group size measuring please let me know. Never really been interested in numbers until now.

Ruger Super Redhawk 44 mag at 50 Yards. Shooting a Barnes XPB 225 gr. .794” 26601F54-5D21-4BB5-8D03-01CD06E0A1E5.jpeg542690E6-07AD-4513-87F6-2DD86F828B63.jpeg

6.5 CM at 100 yards Barnes TTSX 100 gr. .642” at 100. This is the rifle my 8 year old son will be shooting this fall. He moved up from a 223 from last season. The second group is my sons at 100 yards.

30-06 Barnes TTSX 130 gr. .609” at 100 yards.

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You have done better than you think, measure the bullet holes from the centers of the farthest ones, or subtract the diameter of one bullet if measuring from the outside of the holes.


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Good Job!
I remember back in 1980. I had been loading for pistols for a few years but had never loaded for a rifle until I bought a new Ruger 77 in .243.
I bought two boxes of Remington ammo to shoot in the gun and have the cases to reload.
I shot up a box and then reloaded them and went to the range. I shot a couple of groups with factory and then with my reloads and was amazed at how much tighter my reloads shot.
Factory ammo may be better now but that was an eye opener for me and I reload for almost every rifle I have ever owned and shot including some strange ones like .303, 30-40 Krag and .32 Winchester Special!
It is a lifelong hobby and especially right now with crazy prices!

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I agree with frank. I think factory ammo years ago wasn't very good. If we had an inch inch and a half rifle, she was a real gem. There is no doubt that CNC machining has removed the human error aspect of the manufacturing process and the rifles we attributed to Monday morning production are a thing of the past. I have rifles that shoot a whole lot better than they did forty years ago. There is almost immediate satisfaction in rolling your own. Kudos to you and your son on tuning and tightening!


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To have just started out you did good! Good shooting by the kid also! I like that 6.5 you got.

I wanted a quality scope on it because once the kids are done with it i’ll put the regular LOP McMillan on it and it’ll be mine. ? Since it’ll be used by the kids until then I wanted that scope as low as possible. I did a bunch of research and came up with Burris Xtreme Tatical bases and American Precision Arms .750 rings. Perfect fit for that Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44. Those rings are top notch and made here in Georgia.


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I always measure from outside to inside, no math required. You get same numbers that way. Of course, if the holes are too close, outside to inside may not be possible.


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Whenever I talk about a group it is outside to outside. Nothing fancy.

By the way, Only gets better from here. Your boy is doing great.


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Nice. I've always wanted to get into reloading, but never have because you could "always find ammo at Walmart". Times are changing. Told the wife I might look into starting soon even though it sounds like components are hard to find as well.