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Two shells of 00 buck three inch at forty yards. Modified chokes in both guns, both shot the same pattern. Do I need to aim lower at forty yards?


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My shotgun (870) patterns great with 000 and #1 with a full choke. With a mod it gets similar patterns as yours with 00.
It seems that your patterns are pretty wide at 40 yards.
If you fired a single OO Buck load, how many of those pellets would hit a deer within 5" of your aiming spot?
In other words, how many would hit a 10" diameter paper plate at that distance?

Judging by the pic you posted, which I understand was for two shots (and thus has twice as many holes in it), I'm guess-estimating that only about 2 or 3 pellets would hit a 10-inch "kill zone" on the animal at 40 yards.

Even if 3 pellets hit your "kill zone" on the animal, that's only 3 pellets out of a total payload of 12 or 15, right? (You're using 3" magnum shells).

So, aside from adjusting your aiming point or how you use the sights / bead on those guns, I think you should test some tighter-patterning buckshot shells, or reduce your range to maybe 30 yards.


Buckkiker Choke is what you seek.

I use a xtrafull, with 3 in. 00 and #1...tight pattern out to 60 yds or so

But my 870 patterns #1 well with a modified RemChoke as well.
I never tested #1 buckshot in any ballistic media like gelatin, clay, or jugs of water.

But I did compare 00 buckshot to #2 and #3 buckshot, shooting soft pine lumber boards (several layers thick) at 15 yards, and I was shocked how little penetration there was with the smaller buckshot. I might use #2 for close-range self-defense against a burglar, but I was not impressed with anything less than 00 buck's penetration in pine boards.

This video shows a guy testing buckshot at 50 yards, and at that distance the pellets' velocity has dropped to 860 feet / second.

HERE'S A link to the YouTube video.
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I never tested #1 buckshot in any ballistic media like gelatin, clay, or jugs of water.
It works good.

#1 buck in some live ballistic media...doe I killed 12-17 at 30 yds Winchester 3 in. #1 buck, using the Buckkicker choke.


I get those blue barrels free from work.
You can make alot of things out of them. Make excellent gut buckets and feeder troughs.