Should brassicas do this . . .

Up here in NW Ga we're not very agrarian. I don't know of anyone with any large food plots within several miles of me and there's not any large farms either.

When the acorns run out I'll likely have then only buffet in town. Others will have corn piles, but I'll have those too! Hoping that I end up as the hot spot come mid to late December.
What county? Catoosa here
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Got a nice freezing frost on the brassicas this morning. @Canuck5 I know that "sweetens" them by converting some complex carbohydrates to more simple sugars but does it kill the leaves of the plant and stop growth of the roots?


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That's an interesting question and I guess that there are a lot of "depends" in there. Your brassica's are likely going to complete their normal life cycle, based on when you planted them. Things aren't really cold enough yet, to make them stop growing. I'm seeing the next weeks nights, here are in the 60's, still plenty warm.

What happens to the plants, is not unlike adding anti-freeze to your car. It's designed to protect the plant, so it can finish the job, Mother Nature intended for it. If we had multiple nights of 0 degree's F, I'd say your plants are done growing, but that's not the case, I believe.