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Dang! I'd like to be in,...but I only get down to check out the cams about once a month:mad:
Me too!

I check every couple of weeks as we get closer to the season, but not through the summer.
You could put some behind your house..Dont tell me aint no critters back there:biggrin2:
See a few.

The beavers and otters have gotten real scarce;)

If I had a friend that would let me hunt some land close to here it would be real helpful!

Hey Brotha, can you spare a buck???


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My kin folk owns the land right next to the dam of the lake over your way..I could care less if you hunt it..I cant:mad:
I'll try and convince one of these to head your way but they like it pretty good here..All the feed and does a buck can handle here:biggrin2:


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I would sign-up,BUTTTTTT my IR cuddleback is acting up again! I'm calling cuddle monday! Sorry I don't want to hold a good team down! I wish yall the best of luck and I'll check-in and look at the pics! Thanks Gut for putting on the show!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in- sign me up. What are the rules or requirements?
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