Since 1973

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Ruger Old Model in .45 Colt. Just a few months after I got this one, the Ruger "New Model" replaced it. Very few .45 Colts were made before the New Model came along. If I remember correctly, I gave Bo Barrow $100 for the gun and a box of shells. I got a Lyman Spartan press and dies, a Lyman powder measure and scales, and used the data from the then-new Speer #9 loading manual for "Contender and Ruger Only" to work up to a 250 grain Keith semi-wadcutter ahead of 10 grains of Unique powder and Winchester Large Pistol primers.

The gun and load continue to be as good as you can get for whitetail sized animals out to 100 yards. The eyes, however, are not what they were in 1973.:(



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That's a pretty piece!!! Think that guy would take $100 for it today? :bounce:


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Been well took care of, looks like. Mighty nice shooter.

Wonder if Bo would sell another one at that price? :D