Sitka System advice


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I have a Fanatic jacket and bibs. Only wear it for stand hunting when temps are mid twenties or colder. Almost too warm for anything else, don’t wear that often. Have to unzip legs and jacket when walking to stand. Really designed for Mid West winter conditions.

Big fan of Pnuma. I have a Selkirk jacket, Waypoint pants and an Alpha Vertex puffy. Midweight, versatile and durable, wear more than anything else. Properly layered, will handle any hunting conditions you would encounter in the Southeast.

I also have some miscellaneous Kuiui, Kryptek and First Lite stuff. Mostly base layer, vests, hats, etc… High quality as well. Wear in combo with my other gear.

All of the newer high tech hunting clothing is good. Way better than 20 years ago. All of the big brands have proprietary camo patterns, so if you care about matching, got to stick with a particular brand. Personally, I don’t care about that, more about comfort and staying warm.


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I ordered the Sitka fanatic jacket this year. Last year I got cold on an all day sit in KY. One of those days where it started off overcast and cold and the wind kicked up around 9am and never slacked up. Even though it got up to the high thirties around mid day I never did warm up much. It's been a while since I spent any money on a hunting jacket so I waited til Linton outdoors had them on sale and bought one. It seems like it will be extremely warm and appears to be quiet. If I like it I may order the bibs next year.


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Got myself a Fanatic too, always had an issue of being cold, especially if it's drizzling a bit. Gotta say, Sitka gear has probably the best camo pattern I've seen in a while. Not really sure which hoodie to get as mid-layer yet, but I'm sure I'll find something before Fall.
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