Skiff Race around Fla

Looks like Key West CC found a shortcut.
Sounds like they need one

Kw Status update

I have not read any posts

We are leaving Steinhatchee

Broken items
~Silly sound bar
~VHF antenna
~Garmin monitors (fixed)
~Rigid lightbar (fuse)
~USB charger
~Yamaha gauge backlights
~Mast light

That all shook loose in Port Washington , hence our lengthy stop

We thought we'd try to make up time hitting open water. The waves and wind were so fierce, I feared for my life, so we backtracked. Whoops

I've been driving nonstop since 6pm. The crossing from Apalachicola to Steinhatchee was 3-4 footers, and took 5 hours. Despite this, I almost fell asleep at the wheel. Turns out, the Skiff Challenge is challenging


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Looks like Yellowfin is way out front. I guess they are tracking some kind of chase vehicles too as it appears they are following a land based path.
Yes there's 2 support teams for each boat, I believe the yellowfin took all of their electronics off the boat since it was going to be so rough.