Sky 2 kayak

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I have a 12’6” sky 2 kayak that I picked up for 75 bucks from a guy. I painted it for duck hunting but I am looking at making some kind of rack for it that can hold a few rods cooler etc. I have noticed though that the opening is rather large and I can setup with cooler inside kayak due to its a 2 man yak. Now another issue I see is that the yak wouldn’t be stable if I stood up any so I am looking into outriggers. And due to the fact I have a suv I am going to see about getting a trailer to haul it on. I will be fishing lakes with this. I will use my boat on the river due to where I fish on rivers I will kill myself trying to paddle up stream about 10 to 20 miles. I am open to any suggestions


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Outriggers will definitely help for standing. Trailer beats lifting to roof rack.
Get a shuttle buddy for river floats. Paddling upstream is a pain.