Sleeping Bag Recommendations <$50

Reading a bit the green Intermediate Cold Weather(ICW) (USGI) bag predates the MSS system.

Concerning things to sleep in I also wear one of those neck gaitor/bandanna/ buff things with my stocking cap. I like it a lot as you can wear it different ways.

You might could find a ponch liner pretty cheap to throw over your sleeping bag.
Go to Sarge’s in Cobb Parkway it’s going to cost you$100. Mummy bag. I have woke up with 6” of snow on top of mine and was toasty.
think its Hodges Army Navy now but could be wrong.
also, 3 miles up the road is True Prep store plus its owners own a nice army navy store nearby, behind the Coca Coal bottling plant.
I have a Grizzly zero bag I got from Cabela's that I have camped in temps down in the teens a time or two. I think it was around $100. I doubt if you'll find a good one for <$50.
I picked up military mummy at a yard sale for $25 !! Only time that thang comes out is in the winter !! Got a lady friend that runs a dry cleaning/laundry business. She cleaned that thang, and it was like new !! Very seldom it gets cold enough to use it really, around here for any amount of time !! It don't get as cold as it use to !!