slimed my lil' kaynoe

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got to put my little solo canoe in the other day while the spots were schoolin' and got a good eatin' mess. i forgot my anchor and had to paddle a good bit to stay in position. i won't make that mistake again !!! just wanted to share with yall.



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Thats a Heck of a catch out of a Conoe, Very Nice. You got a nice Mix there. Thats more then I catch out of my big bass
Excellent catchin' young man!

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good answer ranger dave !!! it was on the hooch near columbus.
I used to fish from a rowboat for winter crappie in West Point lake.I'd come in to the launching ramp and dump my heavy livewell/cooler in the parking lot to get the water out.Invariably,somebody would come over and look at this fine mess of crappie,then at my rowboat,and say "You caught those in THAT boat?" "Yep." "Where'd you ketchum?" "In the jaw.":rofl:
Some of 'em had a sense of humor - others got kinda mad.:)
Super-slow deep trolling is the trick in winter,and people -powered boats will go r-e-a-l slow.