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Of the 3 most affordable and easiest to find 20 gauge slugs (Federal, Remington and Winchester), Federal Power Shok or Federal Tru Ball 3/4 ounce is the way to go with 20 gauge rifled slugs, in a smooth bore barrel. Sighted in at 50 yards, they are prettty much dead on at 30 to 70 yards. Remington Sluggers runs a close second, but are only 5/8 ounce, and run out of knock down power, beyond 60 yards. Winchester Super X 3/4 oz disappoints, beyond 50 yards; not enough steam, and comparable to throwing a rock. Just Joe.





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I haven’t shot that many slugs, but my 12 ga is dead on at 40 with those Remington slugs with he little’s not quite a hollow point
You might wanna check out Brenneke, they make some tough stuff at normal prices. A lot of LEO agencies use them. Another good one if still in business is “Dixie slugs”. Check out their website. They are mail order only. Made for hogs....they are serious. They make a tri- ball slug that has 3 slightly smaller projectiles and have had extremely good results. Interesting site, they put a large injured bull down with one shot and do the bullet recovery. Being a mail order only business they are not as well known and may have a good supply.


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Lightfield always shot the best for me in my slug gun.
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If your shopping its whatever you can find.
Right. I got lucky and caught some 20 gauge 2-3/4 heavy (1oz) high brass #6 available, yesterday, and bought 4 boxes (100 rounds). I gave $15 a box for them, which is kinda steep, and it said it could take up to 15 days to ship, but I ordered them anyway. I felt lucky.