Small Manufacturer Brings Schwinn Bikes back to USA

Pricey but good news. Bring it back home. Buy American!


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I had a Stingray,Lemon Peeler,and a lightweight Schwinn 10 speed,can't remember the name though,but it was the first Schwinn 10 speed with an alloy frame,much lighter than the Collegiate,,,,
I love my steel frame, pretty much the only reason I went with the Schwinn.

I'm not one of those bike dudes that wears lycra and needs a bike that weighs less than a six pack.

Sneakers and cargo shorts for me.

My single speed takes me a mile to the gas station, where I can toss a 12 pack into my sack and pedal home.

I will have burned the calories that I'm about to put back on in beer, win win! :ROFLMAO:
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