Smithgall Woods Fishing Trip

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Made a reservation earlier this year to hit Smithgall Woods right after the Summer shut down. Me and a buddy hit the early van to make the ride down to section 2. The fishing was slow early with paint shiners and chubs being the only thing eating. Finally at mid-morning the trout bite got going. I managed to bring 14 rainbows to the net. I hooked up with a 20 inch plus fish who rubbed my fly off on a tree root. The big ones know how to escape and it takes a lot of luck to get them landed.
I also had an up close and personal encounter with a momma bear and two cubs. I was fishing down below the road when I noticed a small bear up on the road. I did not think muck of it, but was startled when I saw momma with her two cubs in tow about 40 feet from me about to cross the creek where I was. I startled saying "HEY" to get her attention and she decided to redirect her path. I was also redirecting my path to gain space. I got a picture of her as she ran across the creek.



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Nice fish and cool story!