Snake Eggs...

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Found a couple working in the yard today.
4 of them buryied down a couple inches. Took them out and bury them in a small pot..down a couple inches. Put them in a 5 Gallon bucket so anything that hatches will be there in the morning for me to check out.
No crawling away in the night.
What's the timeframe for these Eggs to hatch. Snake Eggs.JPG
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What you talkin bout Willis...
I just moved them from a little hole in the ground to a little pot with dirt in it.
I didn't shake them , held them level and put out them 4 ft. away from where they were buried.
Same amount of sunlight ect.
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I just tried that...I could not see much.
One of them broke open when I dug them up and the embryo was just a tiny speck.
I just reburied them and I'll hope for the best. Also when I found them they were just kinda dumped into the hole anyways.
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figured that out...but it's so small you can't see it with a flashlight...just sayin.


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I'm still wondering what they really are. They are very rubbery and not translucent. Keep them planted and see if something happens. I have found them with no snake around also. Looks like I will be doing some scientific study too:)

Ga Waters

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I've had luck hatching snake eggs in a plastic box. Just have to keep some wet paper towels in there to keep the humidity up. Kee
p them in an area that does not get too hot.