So how more so than why do folks buy these new pickups?

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A $60k pickup for 5 years 0%, that is $1000 a month not counting insurance. Is there that many folks got that high of a paying job? I won't even get into the teens and 20-30 year olds I see driving them. I just cannot comprehend. Just looked up a used F-250, 2017 -2019 and even them are $54k to $72k


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5 year used to be the standard long-term loan. These days, 6,7 and even 8 years aren't uncommon. That $60k truck probably ends up costing $100k by then.


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I scratch my head bout this every day.

Folks must be making serious scratch theses days!

I honestly don't know how they do it, but good for them!


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I saved up and put down half on a new F250. Payments are $460/mo but I send $500.

Up until then I had a 1969 C-10 and a 1995 Jeep(still do). Never bought a new vehicle for myself, just kept the wife in one.


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New truck and new SUV sitting in the driveway of a new $350,00 house with a $60,000 bass boat in the garage and a $30,000 camper are getting real common around here. I’ve been doing something wrong for 30 years.

Good for them I guess but, I don’t know how they’re doing it.
Saved money, invested wisely to pay off all debts since retired 11 years ago. Today, paid cash for new truck after trading 13 yr old truck. Got lucky I guess?


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I bought a new 1973 F100 Ranger V8 automatic when I graduated from high school. It looked very similar to the attached picture. 84D4A0CC-5941-45EB-B6FB-476CFA6F0840.jpeg I think I paid $400 down and $120 a month for 36 months. Things sure have changed.
Drive a 1992 Toyota 4x4, and have a 2001 F250, 7.3 diesel, to pull my 2005 fifth wheel. All bought used. Wife drives a 2013 suburban, only because her 2003 suburban, in immaculate condition, was totaled in a high speed rear end crash. She was the one rear ended. Bought it in 18. I can’t swing a new vehicle payment period. I don’t get it either.
New trucks are overpriced. I don't know how anyone can afford them anymore. I haven't bought a truck in over 10 years but when I do I'll buy one of the work truck models and I'll buy used.