So my 2007 dodge 2500 5.9 Cummins won’t crank ???

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So I have a 2007 dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins. A few weeks ago it’s started to go in theft mode. It would crank and run for a few seconds and shut off. It was acting like it key didn’t work. Wouldn’t unlock the docks or anything out a new battery in it and still nothing. Took it to the dealership now they cut a new key and work great for a week and same thing happened. Also I put new batteries in it because one was bad and after seating for a week at the farm both batteries are dead and there brand new. It’s like something is draining them ??? What could be causing all this ???? Thank you
Place a wire element test light in series between positive battery cable and positive post. If test light is lit - you have a draw. Pull fuses one at a time till light goes out.
I have found that the interior light controller usually is the problem with that truck.


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Test light doesn't measure HOW MUCH parasitic draw there is, you need to use a ammeter(FLUKE) Here is a great video on how to test. Then you can pinpoint what circuit is the culprit.

Parasitic draw test
Problem with that is - someone that does not understand how a meter works, you can blow meter. They are only fused to 10 amps.!!!!!! Yes your correct beretta that is the correct way to truly dia. But good quick way to isolate and not have a chance not to damage meter is to use light. If you were to find the drain was more than 10 amps or turn switch on on accident while meter is in series - you would let the smoke out of meter. LOL
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