Social Distancing on the Hooch!

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The last week has really been incredible fishing wise. Last weekend I helped volunteer with the 30-30 Ministries Turkey/Striper fishing event. We had an incredible weekend of worship and enjoying the outdoors. 3 kids had a 100% opportunity at killing a turkey and we had 2 kids have a blast on the water.

I had Ms. Ava on the boat with me and this girl was a straight up machine! She is already a great angler for her age. We started Saturday off catching a wad of nice hybrids for the cooler and finished the morning off with a 20lb blue cat. Sunday we only had a couple hours to fish and we all agreed that we would go looking for one big striper bite. We were blessed not long into the morning to have a big gizzard to get inhaled. Ava fought the fish like a champ and was able to boat a beautiful 26.5lb striper. She was tore up! She started crying, which then turned into the shakes! One of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed. If you ever had an opportunity to get involved with this program then please jump at the opportunity. It is an amazing group that is doing amazing work bringing kids (and parents) to the Lord.

The rest of the week I have been out pretty much every evening and the river bite is getting better by the day. There are some hammer white bass up now and the big hybrids are right there with them. There are fish being caught from Franklin to 219...just pick your favorite area and go with it. They have been much eating whatever you put in front of them.

Everyone have a great weekend on the water. Remember to be courteous and respectful to all those around you. 89772983_2914218468636206_866834037962964992_n.jpg 90640184_2919843108073742_4155540893656416256_o.jpg 89722099_10103184733855088_1929054633666281472_n.jpg 89847374_10103184734279238_7279731866049970176_n.jpg 89869881_10103184734468858_893272044160942080_n.jpg 89878004_10103184733181438_3425984614747865088_n.jpg 89898234_10103184734678438_5361400545951088640_n.jpg 89918799_10103184734778238_5611300958916050944_n.jpg 90027245_10103184733296208_4182052923615739904_n.jpg 90495924_10103181111060198_7304482581460811776_n.jpg


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You know Dustin, if the world had more families like yours, it would be a better place, thank you for going out of the way to support others!! The Bible states if you give then you shall receive!! Your a perfect example of that!! Thank you and well done


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Those kids got put on the right boat , me and my daughter have been blessed to go on a couple of their hunts and also help with a couple , what a awesome organization is all I can say , my daughter had already showed me the pictures on their Facebook or Twitter or something , I hope none of there upcoming hunts get canceled


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If I remember right that young man in the 3rd picture with the crappie got him a turkey also !


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Yessir, well done buddy and the little ones just make it more special...
Very nice work. Missed you out there Sunday. Maybe you were north when I was south? I always look for the ole ski barge.
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