Some knife sheaths

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I made these because some sheaths that come with knives suck and some knives don’t have a sheath but need one and most don’t have horizontal carry. I am not a knife maker nor leather crafter just figured out how to do it for my needs.


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Not a bad start at all LR. Just a few tweaks and tips and they will look even better (if that's where you want to go).
First off and very important with exposed edged knives (not the pocket knife): Are you installing a spacer in the stitched seam of those sheaths? Not visible in pics. This will protect your threads from being cut by the blade during insertion/extraction and reduce the potential for damaging the sheath, loss of knife, or injury to carrier.
Second - make sure you use veg tanned leather. Old clothing leather, boots included are chem tanned and will start corrosion on metals with the introduction of just a little moisture. Also most of the "scrap packs" you get in craft stores are chem tanned (not all, but most).
There are a lot of simple tools that can be easily made from junk around the garage that will make stitching and finishing much easier, quicker and less tedious.

Be glad to show you a few tricks and tips if you are interested. Send me a pm here and I will give you more details. Or if you are coming up to the Southern Handmade Knife Show next weekend search me out and we can talk a little about it.
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Thanks AV, I appreciate your input. Yea, I have some with a welt, some without. That little pocket knife sheath was made from the tongue of an old pair of boots I broke down as I had no leather. I didn't know about Veg and Chemical Tanned leather, that was good info. I used to make some Duck Calls but found out I can't do it for profit because I want to keep them all. Same way with Knives I couldn't make any except for me, couldn't part with them. I've got a ton of knives I've collected since I was kid, lot of times when I found something I liked I would buy two so I could use one of them and put the other up. Before you know it you have a bunch. Thank You Sir!

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No problem my friend. Yeah, knife "accumulation" seems to be a problem for a lot of us. As with anything, there are always little tips and tricks that make life easier.
Offer stands if you get over this way and at home ('bout 2 miles from the Cabelas in Acworth).
Oh yeah just a heads up encase you aren't aware, there is a Tandy's Leather over on Thorton Road. Not my favorite supplier, but handy when you need something.