Some shots from a little further up North....

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Quick trip to the White Mountains in NH to check out the fall foliage.
A rain storm passed through the day before we arrived and dropped a lot of the leaves the locals said.
Still had more than enough hanging on to enjoy!
AC77860E-E27B-49D4-9C8D-E242B31D4E35.jpeg 71024A7D-151F-4A57-ADF8-0CA682216D19.jpeg C2DEE673-28C8-4124-AF3B-C554002BDA80.jpeg 75AA6FE4-CFE2-44E8-AFEE-3E33BA916105.jpeg A54D2305-47D4-4F3D-A882-CCE9C78AAEF0.jpeg
Some homestead pics:
BA596316-1339-4B0C-9B8B-185D5257D017.jpeg C74D495B-2B46-407F-9E9B-F7E931F9D4E0.jpeg 6CA20940-FC39-4410-8965-84DF6AAC2BEC.jpeg
Quick detour on the way up over to Quechee Gorge, VT
B63E96E4-1744-432D-A2D8-1E68341AA4EC.jpeg 6A883955-B4B2-4A8C-A374-0230962A61A9.jpeg


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Love that area. The drive from Portland, Maine over to Burlington, Vermont is spectacular and your pics reflect that very well. Was hoping to maybe see a moose pic in the collection! Thanks for the awesome pics!