Something I’ve noticed deer doing to evade dogs

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I hunt in Emanual County and my property boarders a huge cypress swamp. Three times while duck hunting this year there have been multiple deer come out into the water and just stand there. I’m talking 50-100 yards from the closest dry land. The deer come out into the water about the time truck doors start slamming just after daylight about the time the ducks quite flying. My dog nor shooting seems to deter them and that’s probably the most surprising thing of the whole deal. The only time they react to me is if I start moving towards them. Then they splash off.

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Deer are amazing when it comes to evading dogs or people. While Pheasant hunting one time there were 6 hunter and three dogs that started into a 40 acre field that had knee high grass and other vegetation . A doe got up at the edge and ran out into the middle of the field and layed down. I saw where it layed down and walked directly to
it. When i got to the spot there was no doe. You could see where she had belly crawled back into the woods and none of us aw her do it. This was a distance of about 200 yrds on her belly to get back to the tree line.
Many years ago I had a big spike walk right under my tree. I could hear it sniffing underneath me. I was facing the tree and that sucker walked away with the big pine I was in blocking my view of him. I leaned out just in time to see him vanish in a thicket.


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We are and are still make em smarter, and now that corn is legal in northern part of the state, it want take them long to figure it out for shore. Matter fact they seem to gotten the idea already. I us too put corn out right after season closed too see what was still around and they would be on it in 12 hrs are less. Now they got so much corn around it don't work until folks stop putting it out late feb. and still not like it was before corn was legal. At least thats what I'm seeing in the woods I hunt.