Something you don’t see everyday

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Unless the pic is skewed that bucks left eye socket is bigger and wider than the right! Also, look at the left side upper teeth, they are skewed and doesn't look they extend as far as the upper on the right!!

I was leaning genetic but hold the phone Lucille, if you look at the left side just to the right of the eye you will notice to me what looks like an old fracture. Maybe its just me but there is a difference in several areas from left to right!!
Nose bones are so brittle.
I shot one with weird nostril bones on one side. He could smell anything better than all but one deer.
My buddy jokes and said the only reason I killed it is his nose was broke and he couldn’t smell anymore.


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I’d have to guess it to be a birth deficiency but either way it’s a cool buck and great story piece , did u know he was like that before u killed him
I've heard about having your nose out of joint but this takes the cake. It also looks like Bowano Lee's and your buck must have been related somehow too !!! I have never seen a nose area that looked anything like these two bucks.