SOT vs Sit In

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I've always preferred sit in kayaks. They are lighter, easy to carry and paddle. The large cockpit holds many rods without fear of losing them over the side. You sit low in the water - very stable.

As I get older..... It's becoming more of a chore getting in and out of them.

As I consider a SOT, I like the ease of getting in and out of the seat (if I want to wade) and maybe even standing or sitting up higher. However, I'm reluctant thinking about the extra weight, maybe more of a chore to paddle, and fear of rods falling off the deck.

Let me hear from you SOT kayakers: you ever lose any rods over the side? I don't like rod holders or rod leashes or rod floats. When I use behind the seat rod holders - They are difficult to reach behind - and I usually hook one on my back cast or they hit over hanging trees. I prefer to have my rods laid out in front of me on the floor of the cockpit. I don't like scotty rod holders either. They can get in the way of paddling. I'm picky.

Convince me that a SOT is better.
Are you primarily fishing flat water or moving water?

I've never paddled a sit-in, only ever had a big SOT(Vibe Sea Ghost 130), and I dig it. It's a battleship to move around on land, but it's handled Lanier in summer, plus a half dozen much safer (calmer) lakes, a couple of rivers, and the intercoastal with ease. Carries all of the rods and tackle I'm not going to use, plus the 3 things I actually throw. Lots of modular accessories. It's not too tough to paddle, tracks nicely, covers big water fairly efficiently. I have no complaints, but maybe I just don't know any better.

It's down to preference, man. You could go ham on a NuCanoe Frontier or Unlimited and have yourself a great boat that allows for rod storage on the floor and a whole host of other toys, fish finders, trolling motors, LiveScope, Spot-Lock, torpedos, depth charges, and anything else you can imagine.

Lots of active groups around North GA, poke around and call a couple outfitters, Places like The Dugout, Appalachian Outfitters, Vibe, Outside World, Kioti or Westbrook would probably be able to set you up with someone for a demo paddle, no problem. Paddle a bunch of them, see what you like.
I've never fished from a sit in, but my brother did for several years and after I let him try my Pelican SOT he bought one and says he can't believe he fished from the other one as long as he did. The comfort and stability level is 2 different worlds. I mostly keep my rods laid out in front of me and the ones not n my hand have a float clipped onto them. (see pics) The type of floats that stay attached to rod, screw up the feel IMHO. I've never had a rod go over. With the handles under the seat and tips forward they are pretty secure. The Pleican Catch 100 only weighs 54 lbs and I can carry it with one hand. There are other makes with similar lightweight models. Screenshot 2021-04-07 10.54.30 PM.png Screenshot 2021-04-07 10.55.56 PM.png
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