South Texas recommendations????

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Sup everyone.

I am planning a trip for next season to South Texas and am in the process of looking at different guides. Wanted to see if anyone on the board had visited South Texas and see who you might recommend. I am not wanting to spend 10K in trophy fees but want an honest hunt for decent bucks and mainly want a memorable trip. My only previous guided hunt experience was with a Guy in South Carolina that was about as much of a guide as I am a Space Shuttle Pilot! I swore I would never pay to hunt again but time heals all wounds. Right?

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated and again this is for the 2005 season.



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Now I could be wrong

i could be wrong, but your not goin to go very far south in texas without paying the high dollar fees. you may find a good place to hunt with what you can afford, but you will have to pay more for what you shoot. there is a guy that lives up the road from my dads place and he charges $250 a point, and that is really central texas(out side of san antonio). and you arent goin to get what you could on just about any leases in georgia. but the further south the more you pay, plus you have trophy fees, with start at a 120 class deer. if you like, you can pm me and i will give you a name of a "well known" ranch that i hunted when i was a teenager in west texas. but there no guides and you would get drawn for i think its a 1000 part of the ranch with i want to say ten other hunters. but now the ranch is part of an outfitter, so rules could have changed. i have hunted and killed on the ranch three times, two pronghorns and two whitetails
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You may be right, I have even considered one of the cheaper "cull" hunts where I could still get a decent buck but not a record book deer. I know I could kill a similiar deer here in Ga, but 1 I want the experience of hunting in Texas, 2 I am currently not in a hunting lease. I am planning to do something about both of these by the 2005 season. Since you have killed a couple of pronghorns, any insight on what a trip for one of those would run? I am very interested in an antelope hunt but I was thinking New Mexico was the place to go for those.


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Loks like its coming your way. My Brotehr in Law cut a trail from TIfton back home early Sunday Morn to get ready. He lives just north of Pensacol around MiltonI think.