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Does anyone have a bolt with firing pin for a 1916 Spanish Mauser .308? I bought one years ago and the firing pin broke. Its been sitting in the back of my safe for 30 years or so, and I'd really like to get it working again.


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The firing pin for a model 93 Mauser should fit it.
I bought about a dozen of those years ago for 90.00 a piece spent about two hours on each one cleaning them up some more than others. Coworkers paid me 250 to 275 per. I never thought about them running out of them at the time and didn't keep any of them for myself.... Stupid.
If you just swap bolts, aren't you taking a risk that the headspace for the chamber/ bolt fit won't be right? You'd need a set of "go" and "no go" gauges to know you're safe.

F.W.I.W., a friend had one of these 25 years ago, and we both shot it, including at least one NRA sanctioned highpower match. My M1A's operating rod broke, and I had to borrow that 1916 Mauser to finish the match. I did pretty well.

If ammo costs and availability weren't a factor, I'd really prefer to have one in the original 7 x 57 chambering, or even a 6.5mm version, for the sake of less recoil.
Gunnsmokeer is absolutely correct about swapping out the bolt and the possibility of creating a head space issue. The firing pin is the best and easiest way to go. I was never completely sold on the pressure capabilities of those actions with the 308 but didn't hear of anything bad happening. They are nice and handy little rifles and accurate to boot. They do have a bit of recoil and blow a nice fireball.