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I hunt on 250 acres with 5 other guys in Meriwether County and we have all been hunting fairly hard for the last three weeks. We have shot 3 does and 2 bucks (2 eight pointers). The deer sightings have gotten few and far between.

My stand that I normally see at least a doe in has gone dry. My question is this, "How long during the season do you give a stand, or an area, a break before you go back?"

It has been my experience that when the deer turn nocturnal, they stay that way until next year.

What do you guys think?


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my uncle BOOGERED a red hot stand that i was seeing a ton of deer in,in 3 days.he was seeing the deer too but was standing up,spitting snuff and urinating out of the stand.the deer quit coming.no one hunted it for about 10 days.i snuck in and in less than 2 hours had 4 deer under me.so my guess is lay off of it for a while and ease back in at a later date.chances are they will come back.


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5 guy's on 250 acres, it won't take long to booger the place up. I'd let it rest a week anyhow. But if 5 guy's are hunting I'd set up camp within a 250 yard perimeter of the same stand in case they're skirting.


I'm with Muy......

Yeah, with 5 hunters on 250 acres it wouldn't take long for the deer to be "trained"......

As bad as it sounds, I'd let it lay quiet for a week or so and hopefully it will get better.....