sportin' her new ride !!!

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man it has been a whirlwind weekend !!! i will have to sit back and look at everyones pics a 2nd time to settle myself down. we decided to run away for a spell this evenin' and let angie paddle her new yak ( man she is hot in orange! :love: ) and let me kick the tires on my new solo canoe. we paddled for about 3 hours today and had a blast. it was ethans first solo on the big water and he got to ride the waves from the water ski boats in his kayak so it was a blast for him too. i think my kay-noe is gonna be a fish killin' machine !!!!



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Wooooo-weeee, hot in orange is right!!!
However, I dont think yellow is your color, or green, or blue, or black or purple or white or brown or teal or pink or ::ke:::ke:
The smile on Ethans face says it friend. Made me smile when I saw it.


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Good ones.
I like the second one,serious kayakers in a real pretty setting...


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Looks like a fine water adventure for the Feral family, thanks for sharing it with us:cool:


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Fun, fun, fun....Looks like y'all had a blast!!!! If that ain't quality time I don't know what is!!!!! :flag: