Spot to fish without boat

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I am living in Atlanta looking for something to do during all this corona virus craziness. Thinking about making a drive to the coast and going fishing. Any good places/spots to go to if I don’t have a boat?
"Good spots" is the challenge. Tybee pier is a nice place to hang out, but I've researched it thoroughly and visited in person twice. There are lots more days when the fishing is slow there than when the fishing is good. And I have not found any boatless options that are better bets.
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On tybee island the main ocean pier is not so great. The river pier there is awesome though. Small hooks and maybe some crab traps and you’ll have a feast of whiting and blue crab. The north end of the island by the jetties is good surf fishing and anywhere on the riverside by the pier is fine surf fishing as well