Spring Lanier Striper and Bass update

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Haven't posted in a while and thought I'd post a spring update for stripers and bass. For the past month or so I've been fishing the lake a good bit and I've had some good and bad days. About a month ago I followed a good group of stripers through the back of the creek and out. The bigger stripers stayed around for about a week and left. During that period I was able to catch a few on topwater as they feed at night and during the day for their spawn.
I ordered some bone colored Vixen topwater baits especially for the stripers this spring and the Vixens worked out great after I upgraded the hardware. My first big striper on the Vixen straightened a hook and the second big striper I hooked tore the hook and slip ring off the bait so I upgraded the hooks and slip rings and didn't have any more issues.
The stripers and bass have reacted well with the bone colored Vixen and I've caught some nice fish with it both shallow and deep this spring. I'd recommend keeping some kind of topwater tied on right now because fish have been surfacing and getting a topwater in them when they are up on the surface is a good way to get a few.

There are a lot of stripers out over deep water around the creek channel and pulling live bait on planers and freelines would probably do very well right now.

As far as the bass fishing, I've been fishing the creek a lot but also fishing up north. The bass are in spawn mode right now and I've been doing great with the smaller fish up in the shallows with small plastics and small spinnerbaits and getting some bigger fish in a little deeper water. Jerkbaits and some topwater early in the mornings are working but I'm getting most of my fish right now off the crankbait. I've been using a medium and a deep diver around rocky points, roadbeds, shallow reef markers and mud banks to catch my biggest fish in 10-20 feet of water. Water temps are in the mid to upper 60's right now and there is a pretty good bass bite. I was able to catch a couple nice stripers late last week on topwater very early in the morning on a point out in the main creek, mid creek area. Here's a couple videos and pics from the last month or so. The first video has some good video of some early morning stripers feeding on top. The last picture is a picture of the crankbait pattern I'm using for the bass with success right now.



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preciate it fellas. Forgot to mention a couple tournaments I fished in over the last month. First was the big STIHL striper tournament trail on Lanier a couple weekends ago. I fished with my sponsored team "Team Draggin" out of SC. These fellas fished down here on Lanier for 6 days straight pre-fishing and on tournament day we finished 6th with 1 19lb fish and won some cool prizes. The other tournament trail I fish is the HD Marine bass trail here on Lanier. We fished the HD trail last weekend and did ok but finished out of the money. Our keepers we caught on the crankbait pictured above and a shad colored spinnerbait. The first pic is a pic of our fish and my team partner on striper tourney day. The second pic is a nice striper I caught in the bass tourney last weekend while targeting a surfacing bass.


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Any big fish still mid lake? Or do I need to make a drive?
I think you can find some big fish mid lake. You've got to keep your head on a swivel if you are looking for stripers. They'll show themselves periodically by rolling on the surface after the sun gets high and they are cruising the shorelines very early in the mornings. I've been seeing some real nice rollers out over deeper water in our creek channel on the south end so I'm pretty sure there are some big ones scattered throughout the mid lake area.
Lately, the resident creek stripers have been driving me crazy on the surface. I just get settled into fishing a rocky point for bass and I'll see a striper surface in the distance a couple times and next thing you know I'm out over deep water throwing topwater to a striper.

If I was going to be dragging live bait mid lake or below for a big striper, I'd be dragging bait and boards around the Lanier island golf course right now.

Also, for you guys that like fishing stories, I wrote a fishing story/fishing report a while back about spring topwater stripers; it's called "Fixin the Bone Vixen". It's a story about what we went through this spring at the lake with some striper eradication. You can find it on my blog http://castawayblog.com/2015/03/24/fixin-the-bone-vixen/
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What would the striper be doing at nighttime right now?
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What would the striper be doing at nighttime right now?
Joe, you can still find them at night if you look hard enough. I haven't been out after dark in over a week but if you can find them during the day my guess is they won't be far off at night, just around shallow shoreline areas. When I've found stripers early in the morning they have been very shallow so they are probably cruising the shorelines at night. My neighbors and I have been leaving the docks lights on and watching but there hasn't been much striper activity after dark lately. You can find a few around dock lights around mid creek but nothing like it was a month ago after dark during the March new moon.

On a bass note, I fished this evening from 3-5 before dinner and caught a few nice bass on the spinnerbait in the back of the creek. I made a couple chartreuse spinnerbaits with white and chartreuse blades this morning and tossed them around the docks this evening. The back of the creek is still a little stained but a chartreuse spinnerbait works well right now. Spinnerbaits in the evening have always been a favorite of mine. Here's a pic of the biggest this evening.